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From the recording Reflections

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Wanna be your lover
But you're leading me astray
More like your friend, but I gotta find a way
It's not easy, to see you give your heart away
To someone who could never love you
The way I love you babe

Then when he breaks your heart
You come to me so I can put you back together again
(Back together again, yeah)
You've really stole my heart
Locked it away so no one else can ever see it again
(I Can't take it. I wanna be more than friends)

Games, you're playing with my heart. When you play those
Games. And you knew it from the start

Words and music by Georgie Bromfield
Produced & Mastered by Georgie Bromfield
Recorded @Second Image Studios. UK
© 2023 G.A.B. Records