From the recording Living The Good Life

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If consistency is the name of the game, then Georgie B is the 'game master'. After 11 years of the Groove Association he still somehow manages bring us fresh new cuts! This time around he's penned another sure fire future hit! 'Living The Good Life' is modern day club / disco classic, guaranteed to get you stepping to the groove wherever you are!


Written, performed & Produced by Georgie B
© 2022 GAB Records

Woah Woah x4
1st Verse
I got my Rolex on, and my music playing
Prada, Lauren, Louis Viton
Designer clothes I’m wearing
Stepping to this song
I got my Jimmy Choo shoes on
Sipping Don Perion, Woah Woah

(Chorus 1)
Living The Good Life, Living The Good Life x4

2nd Verse
I got my table booked (At the club)
Got my name on the list (Feeling loved)
The Limo’s on its way
It’ll be filled with sexy ladies
And we’ll be drinking champagne
We’re gonna dance the night away
(Dance the night away)….. Woah Woah

(Chorus 2)
Living The Good Life, Living The Good Life x8

Ooooh, I grew up in London
Haringey Wood Green
I had friends in Tottenham
We were young and free, (young and free)
So don’t you run away from the life you
could be living. Don’t hesitate
(Cause you know you gotta say)
I Believe, yeah

Woah Woah x4
(Chorus adlibs till end)

Words & music by Georgie Bromfield
©2022 GAB Records