1. More And More

From the recording MORE AND MORE

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The title track of the album, MORE AND MORE is a soulful gem with a hint of 'Gospel' highlighting Georgie B's artistry, not just as a vocalist, but also a talented composer and producer.

Additional backing vocals by the NYC Gospel street choir
Guitars by Simon Eyre
Bass by Georgie B
Keyboards by Georgie B
Written, Produced & Mixed by Georgie B
© GAB Records Dec 2018


Chorus 1
More And More x 2

Verse 1.
I gave you all my money
And I bought you diamond rings yeah
When I took you on those plane rides
When i gave you everything (You sill wanted)

Chorus 2
(More And More). more baby
More and more, You wanted
(More And More), I couldn't believe it
More and more

Verse 2.
And now you say that you're leaving
You were, so deceiving
You've taken all I have to give
Materiel girl,
I couldn't give you what you wanted...hey

Chorus 3
(More And More). more baby
More and more, You wanted
(More And More), Yeah hey hey hey
More and more

Middle 8
Mmm, still wanna get closer to you x 2

Ohhh, it's no way to live, I've only got one heart to give
I know you want me closer
Don't be a fool baby

Sax Solo

Chorus fade