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Sax by Ian Thompson
Guitars by Dave Mascall
Written By Dominic Bugatti & Frank Musker
Produced by Georgie B & Weston Foster
Remixed by Georgie B
© GAB Records 2017


Girl, who are you ? It's a strange thing
I can't find you, you're always changing
You're a secret I wished that I knew, you're so distant but what can I do?
Every day of my life, I'm looking for you

And the more I get to know you, the more you are a mystery girl
Tell me, how can I get to know you ? You're always a mystery girl

When I hold you, when we're kissing
I don't know you, something is missing
Girl, you know how to love me so well, but this story that you've never tell
Keeps me longing for you, I'm under your spell

I'm just looking for a place to start
You're keeping us so far apart
Mystery girl, what's in your heart?


I am destined to follow the star
Til I find out who you really are
Won't you open the door to your secret world ? I wanna love you

Mystery girl, mystery girl, my mystery girl
I want to get to know ya
Mystery girl
We're gonna stick together (stick together)
Mystery girl, my mystery girl, (Ah baby)
I want to get to know ya, I want to get to show ya
mystery girl, can you feel it, do you want it, do you need it)
We're gonna stick together
Mystery girl, my mystery girl
We're gonna last forever (Ah baby)
Mystery girl.
Written by Dominic Bugatti & Frank Musker